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October 25, 2020
  • Welcome to Bhutan
  • Welcome to Bhutan
  • Welcome to Bhutan
  • Welcome to Bhutan
  • Welcome to Bhutan
  • Welcome to Bhutan
  • Welcome to Bhutan

Bhutan Travel Tips

Mode of transport in Bhutan is by motor vehicles only. There are no domestic airlines and trains. However, motor roads are well maintained and smooth and connected to all major sightseeing places. The mountainous terrain and winding road restrict the average speed of vehicles to less than about 40 km/hour.

A wide variety of accommodation is available ranging from farm house stays to budget hotels to the high end resorts. Presently there are 171 hotels in the country. Visitors are accommodated in government approved tourist hotels with decent facilities.

Dinning out
Almost all restaurants serve Indian and Chinese cuisine. Bhutanese dishes are also available in all the restaurants, the favorite being Ema Datsi – a cheese and chilly dish. All Bhutanese dishes use an abundance of chilli so do order according to your palette strength! Besides the locally produced beer and whisky the local brew, ara that is distilled from rice, barley or wheat is also popular with visitors.

Bhutan is popular for its textiles and bamboo products. There are a lot of shops that sell hand woven Bhutanese textiles, handicrafts and cane and bamboo baskets which the Bhutanese use for a variety of purposes.

If you are planning to be away or traveling in remote areas for a long time, you should consider taking a more detailed health guide. Lonely Planet’s Healthy Travel Asia & India by Dr. Isabella Young is a handy pocket book size and packed with useful information. And if you are traveling with children then the book “Travel with Children” by Cathy Lanigan is handy. “Where there is no Doctor” by David Werener is a very detailed guide book.


Ngultrum, the currency of Bhutan, has the same value as the Indian rupee, which is also a legal tender. One US$ is roughly equal to 44 Nu. Credit cards are accepted by a few shops and travel agencies in Thimphu. Travellers cheques are exchanged at the Bank of Bhutan in Thimphu.


The voltage in Bhutan is the same as in India:230V, 50 cycles AC.

Time Difference
Six hours ahead of GMT and ½ hour ahead of STI. There is only one time zone throughtout the country. The time in Bhutan is 30 minutes later then India, 15 minutes later then Nepal, and one hour earlier than Thailand. When it is noon in Bhutan, standard time is 6 a.m in London, 4 p.m in Sydney, 1 a.m in New York and 10 p.m the previous day in San Francisco


In Bhutan almost anything that you photograph will come out beautifully except on cloudy days. It is said that Bhutan’s landscape, buildings and people are some of the most photogenic in the world.

Photography is strictly prohibited inside the Dzongs and Monasteries but you are allowed to photograph the outside of Dzongs and Monasteries.

Tips for Passenger
As Paro is daylight restricted and totally dependent on weather, sometimes flights are delayed. Passengers are therefore advised to keep at least 24 hours transit time for connecting flights out of Paro. They are also advised to travel on non-restricted tickets so that if a connecting flight is missed, they can be re-routed or endorsed on the first available carrier.

Flights into Paro are at times disrupted due to unfavourable weather conditions.Under such circumstances the flight halts for the night at the transit stations. To meet such eventualities, passengers are advised to carry essential personal items like medicine, toiletries, a change of clothers, etc. in the hand baggage.

Passenger are requested to restrict their hand baggage to one piece, the size not exceeding 45+35+20 cm (17.5+13.5+8 inches) and the weight not exceeding 5 kg (11 pounds). The restrictions are rigidly enforced. Oversized and overweight baggage is interrupted at the time of boarding. Passengers in such cases are requested to remove valuables and travel documents and lock the bag handing over it to the Druk Air Staff.

Due to limited hold space in the BAe 146, baggages are often left behind. Passengers are therefore advised to book the bulky items ahead as unaccompanied baggage/cargo. The authorities ensure that all passengers carry at least one piece of baggage with them on the same flight.
Visitors are also advised to carry cash or Traveller’s cheque as credit cards are not generally accepted in Bhutan. Some establishments do however accept Visa or American Express credit cards.

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