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October 25, 2020
  • Welcome to Bhutan
  • Welcome to Bhutan
  • Welcome to Bhutan
  • Welcome to Bhutan
  • Welcome to Bhutan
  • Welcome to Bhutan
  • Welcome to Bhutan

Flight Frequency

The Convenience of Flights to Bhutan
Druk Air, the flag carrier Bhutan airline, is your ticket to Bhutan travel. The airline, which is owned by the Government of Bhutan, was launched in 1983 initially with smaller aircraft. A fleet of A-319 aircraft was finally commissioned by the company on December 3, 2004 which made flights to Bhutan a much more luxurious experience.

A Small Country on the Mighty Path of Progress
You probably didn't know this but Bhutan happens to be one of a handful of nations in Asia that are landlocked. Hence, the role and significance of reliable aviation services and flights to Bhutan to the economy of Bhutan and the well-being of its people is critical. Travel and the Bhutan tourism industry are the largest source of revenue for the country. When you visit Bhutan and experience Bhutan travel, you are, in essence, supporting its people and helping the citizens of a small country make an honest living. Bhutan is a very peaceful and peace-loving country with absolutely no insurgency issues.

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Bhutan Flight Frequency

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